Emmy Nation: Undercover Suffragette (The Suffragette Nation – Volume 1)
An empowering piece of suffragette fiction

Emmy Nation: Undercover Suffragette Book Cover



EMMY NATION offers a fast-paced fictional framework for recalling the early, difficult days of the women’s movement. – Indie Reader


About the Book

A fascinating glimpse into often-overlooked aspects of women’s history, Emmy Nation: Undercover Suffragette follows a young typewriter girl as she struggles to survive on her own in 1913 London.

Emmy’s wages are far from sufficient to feed and clothe her properly, so when she’s offered a better-paying job with Scotland Yard she doesn’t hesitate to accept—even though it means spying on the seemingly harmless Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU). She soon meets Edith, a wealthy suffragette, who promises to show Emmy the ropes.

When a man from her past takes over the Scotland Yard task force and questions her loyalty, Emmy accepts a risky mission from the WSPU to prove her value to both sides, only to wind up endangering herself and Edith and wondering for what or whom she’s actually fighting.

Honest, yet hopeful, about the hardships facing women in the early twentieth century, this story honours the human struggle for equality and serves as an ongoing reminder of the importance of standing up for your beliefs.



First time author Munro deftly draws the reader into Emmy’s personal dilemmas—how to handle Colin’s friendly but persistent interest and ignore Clive’s rancor. But at the same time, and as importantly, Munro brings the issues to life.  – IndieReader


This historical fiction novel about an independent woman in 1913 London who inadvertently gets involved with the suffragist movement was the hidden gem in my reading year so far. I simply loved this novel with its strong yet vulnerable heroine and its subject of women’s rights. – Laura Fabiani

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